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We now have a new addition to the apartment. Because Corb's mother is moving out of her house, she can no longer take care of her cat, Haley. So, even though she's not moving out just yet, she is going away for a few weeks, and we thought it would be a good idea to look after Haley while she's away, just to see how things work out.

Haley's spent most of the day hiding under the bed in the big bedroom. And, as you can see, Oliver's interested in getting to know her. He's been stationed outside the bed for the past half an hour, just waiting to see if she'll ever make her way out from underneath.

Meanwhile, the guys have jut been relaxing in the living room. Corb is playing Sims, I wrote out the next section of Late Night Show, and Theo is finishing up 101 Ways to Bug Your Parents .

More later. Shhhh!
Tags: cat tails
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