Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Night of the Living Suburbanites

As you'll see, Halloween is something of a special time in our part of the world. The neighbors really seem to like to go all out, and last night, Josie, Corb and I took the kids to at least three haunted houses, located on the front lawns of some of our neighbors. Abandon all hope, all ye who enter...bwah hah hah...wait, that evil chuckle wasn't low enough...didn't use my deep register...hold on...(clears throat)...

bwah hah hah

There...that's better...

Josie decided to bring a date with her, as you can see. They spent the whole night french kissing. It was truly disgusting to watch, and I was forced to have the kids turn their heads every now and then. Some people, I tell modesty...

For some reason, my Live Journal formatting is cutting off the edge of Chuckie's arm. That's not how the picture is supposed to look, and I can only hope that the designers of this format are awakened in the middle of the night be a wicked litle visitor brandishing a very sharp knife...oh, and his bride, of course...

wait...I just figured this one out...(fiddles with width/height...)

In addition to Josie and her boyfriend, we saw many signs of l'amour, along the way. Check out these lovebirds, spooning on park benches, and in one case, even getting married, on this, the most romantic of nights!

You know that old song for Almond Joy and Mounds..."Sometimes you feel like a nut?" Thankfully, this sweet lady didn't feel like a nut...however, she was, apparently, in the mood for a leg...

That's all from Burger King and me. Yo!
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