Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Tales of Traveling Ted (A short part three: Boston versus New York)

Written during the evening, October 5

I took my first subway ride on my own in New York today, after all these years, and it only served to reinforce my belief that New York is an infinitely more sensible city than Boston. I always knew it from a roadways standpoint: New York, with its numerical directional sequencing puts Boston’s hodgepodge patchwork of roads and side-roads to utter shame. Want to know where to go in New York? No problem, it will make sense. Figure out where you are, determine where you need to go, and it’s practically a mathematical equation. Boston, on the other hand? Forget it! I’ve gotten lost more times than I’ve cared to count.

I didn’t realize that the subway system was more sensible, too, although I should have figured. With Boston, I’ve always gotten so confused with all its idiotic “inbound” and “outbound” crap. What does that mean, anyway? A city is a rough circle, dammit! At some point, once you hit the center, everything becomes “outbound.”

I much prefer New York City’s use of “downtown” and “uptown.” That makes sense to me.

And also, I’m pleased to report that I enjoyed a savvier train ride home, this time around. I really was smarter about the whole thing. I kept my eye on the train schedule, waiting for the exact moment that the track number was called. Then I moved swiftly through the station, trying to secure the best possible spot that I could find in line. A large crowd had already formed by the stairs leading down to the train tunnel, but I was sneaky, and continued to move as far forward as I could, inching out in front of people, in a way designed not to be too overtly rude.

My maneuvers landed me an excellent spot on in the quiet area of the train. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?
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