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Deer boy...

About two weeks ago, I sent out a press release on deer season. No great kicks, it was really something that I felt guilted into putting together, and as you might be able to figure out from the title--"Caught in the Headlights"--it will certainly never be included in any compilation CD of "Ted's Greatest Hits."

The first hints of frost may call to mind comforting thoughts about the upcoming winter holiday season, but experts warn that it also marks the start of "deer season" across the country. October through December are the months where male deer activity dramatically increases, resulting in a significant rise in the number of vehicular collisions. And, with the deer population increasing across the country, and living space for wildlife habitat on the decline, the number of incidents involving a deer jumping into the path of a car is only expected to increase.

Yada, yada, yada. I actually liked the quotes I made up in my head better than the ones that made it into the final release: "Keep an eye out for deers, this time of year. It'll save a lot of doe!"

Anyway, the whole reason that I bring up the story is that a few days after it was released, I received a phone call from a reporter for a small newspaper in Rhode Island. "I read your release on deer safety the other day, and wanted to get some statistics about Rhode Island," she said. "Are there really a lot of accidents involving deer this time of year?"

"Are there?" I laughed. "Actually, yes. In fact, I have a good friend who was driving down a road, arguing with his mother, just about a year ago. All of a sudden, a deer jumped into his path. He screamed and hung up on her, very upset. And to make matters worse, when he got out of his car, a local insurance agent ran out of his business, screaming out, 'You killed Bambi!'"

The friend I was referring to was Corb, and this all happened on November 18, last year, during the great Stormy crisis. Some of you may remember all the drama that we went through around that time, but for those who don't, believe me, it was a big long hassle that I'd rather not rehash.

The reporter laughed, and I worked to hook her up with a source in our Claim department on the subject. (Bottom line: our Rhode Island office experienced three times the number of claims for the months of October, November, and December involving animal collisions than the rest of the year.) The person I connected her with was charming, and made a comment about the number of deer we see in our Home Office regularly (that "deer crossing" photo at the top of the page is actually one I took at the facility), and I thought, if anything, that comment might show up in the final copy.

So it was with a bit of surprise when I received our clippings a few days ago, opened up the article, and read the lede:

"WARWICK--A boy was arguing with his mom on his cell phone while he was driving, when all of a sudden he screamed and hung up the phone..."

That'll learn you! For the record, Corb is not a boy, either, nor did I refer to him as a boy. Not even "my boy." I'm not Mark Foley-ing it up her in New England, guys! Perhaps it was the reference to talking to his mother, I'm not sure. In any event, it gave all of us a good laugh, and the article's posted at Corb's work...I'm thinking of getting it framed for our apartment. Whadya think?
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