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Tiger has been sick all weekend, so yesterday morning, I made the executive decision to let him stay home. Call it a case of living through your children. Truth is, I was feeling sick, too, but I had to go to work because I had a big interview scheduled for an article I’m writing, one that couldn’t possibly be rescheduled. So, I chose to live vicariously.

Anyway, later that day, I called Josie to let her know. A strange guy answered the phone; someone I didn’t recognize. I asked to speak to Josie, and, unlike most of the guys who answered the phone at her work, this one said, “And whom may I ask is calling?”

I paused for a minute, having almost said, ‘her husband.’ But, of course, that would get confusing, wouldn’t it? I mean, technically that was the case, although in truth, we’ve now been separated for over three years, as of this month. I doubt that's what she calls me, and it would have raised questions. But, if I said, ‘ex-husband,’ that has a negative connotation. The guy could say, “She’s busy,” and blow me off, thinking he was doing her a favor. So, what do I say: “I’m a friend”?

I settled for ex-husband, and he patched me through. But still, it felt odd.

(Inside: Rants about two TV shows and politics. You were warned!)


Although Corb finds it boring, I am enjoying Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. He watched the premiere of Heroes, endured five minutes of Studio 60, and then, went to bed. (He's sick, too, poor guy.)

I, on the other hand, watched the whole thing, same as I did last week. Maybe it’s the writer/director/actor inside me, but I like the whole “let’s put on a show, despite all the crap that gets thrown at us” spirit of the show. Judy Garland and Micky Rooney would have loved it, if they had ever gotten out of rehab. Plus, the writing’s good.

One thing that I have to say, however, is that the creative team of the show would be wise to minimize the amount of time that they devote to showing what actually takes place on the air. I think that, in the case of a show about making a show, the Dick Van Dyke rule should apply: focus on the backstage drama (or comedy), leave the onstage to the imagination.

Why is this? I think that part of it has to do with the fact that watching the drama of putting a show together creates impossibly high standards for what you’re going to ultimately see. And also, since the show being presented is sketch comedy, and these are not sketch comedians (from what I can see), our expectations are more than likely going to fall short.

On another front, one show I have to admit I was disappointed in was the season premiere of Desperate Housewives. By all accounts, season two was uneven at best, but season three looks as though it’s going to be a rehash of what we’ve already seen before, including a seemingly normal person who killed someone and disposed of the body.

I will note that Marc Cherry’s obsession with Twin Peaks (truly a noble quality) has extended to hiring Kyle MacLachlan. However, I really think that only a few people are going to get the significance of the parrot witnessing the death of Orson Hodge’s wife. What’s next, a damn good piece of pie?


This past weekend, I’ve fallen in love, once again, with the grandeur that is Slick Willy.

Frankly, it was a great week to be a Democrat. Between the leak of the intelligence report concluding we are less safe now than we were before September 11, and Jerry Falwell calling Hillary the devil incarnate, these past seven days seemed designed to show conservatives as inept, misguided, and...kind of crazy. And then, bless his little heart, good old Bill went on Fox and put those neocons in their place.

I have to say, I was already feeling all swoony after reading a very positive profile of Clinton in the New Yorker. But this whole Fox interview with Mike Wallace’s spawn sent me right back to those halcyon days when we actually had an articulate, passionate and thoughtful leader in the White House. I was totally impressed, and chomping at the bit to see more. Come on, the guy’s only 60, he has years more spunk in him (and no, I didn't mean THAT kind of spunk). This whole two-term limitation has got to go. I haven’t seen anyone that's truly fit to lead since he left office, frankly.

By the way, all this talk about what Clinton could have done while he was President. I totally believe that Clinton when he says he came closer to getting bin Laudin than anyone. But putting all that aside...umm, hello? Bush was in office for eight whole months before September 11. Eight months! That’s 240 days! That’s 75 percent of a year! So, why is anyone going around blaming Clinton for anything to begin with? If Bush and his team were so good, shouldn’t that have gotten around to doing something in the 5,760 hours that they were leading the country?

And another thing. Did anyone else ever notice that it’s always the Republicans who are the ones who get their undies in a bunch and whip out ridiculous lines such as “You mustn’t be disrespectful to the president on the United States”? But did you ever notice that the rule only seems to apply to Republican presidents? I never could figure that one out. I mean, for all the years Clinton was in office, he was called every name in the book by the other side. If Clinton wasn’t shown disrespect, I don’t know who was. All I’m saying is, you can’t have it both ways. If you believe in showing respect to the Commander in Chief, it has to be consistent. But then, I don’t know why I would ever expect consistency from a Republican. That would make too much sense.

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