Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

We have an addition to our lovable collection of neighbors. We call him "Shirtless."

Shirtless likes to walk around the front of the apartment complex without a shirt on. It doesn't matter whether it's sunny out, raining, snowing, monsoon season. Nope. Shirtless is out there, shirtless as ever. Doing...something. Never sure what exactly. Just something. And doing it shirtless.

It's not as if he has this killer bod, either. Actually, he has a bit of a tummy. He may have had a killer bod, a few years ago, which is when he got in the habit of ripping off his Tees. Those days are gone, though.

So, let's see...who are the people in my neighborhood? Besides Shirtless, we have:
--The Threesome (minus one, nowadays, it seems...these are the kids who used to leave their stinky sneakers outside the apartment. Nowadays I think they mostly do drugs)
--The Troglodyte (who yelled at my kids the first day we moved in, and so, I had Thumbkin eat her niece's pet bunnies in a lovable story featured in askthumbkin)
--Juliet (who I really like. she's this lady who lives over the entrance to the building, and sits out on her balcony every night to talk on her phone)
--Thor (and if anyone hasn't read my Thor story, are you in for a treat...he's the guy who decided to swim naked in our pond last year)
--The Nice Little Old Lady (every apartment complex has to have one. This one spends her days buzzing the door open, when she has nothing better to do. I personally think she's into bondage, too.)
--The Man With Hairy Ears (the guys who lives directly across from us)

Isn't it downright neighborly that I haven't bothered to learn their names, but simply invented nicknames for everyone to amuse myself? I tell you, who says that New Englanders are cold and distant? My nicknames are warm and friendly!

Truth be told, I like our apartment neighbors much better than I liked some of the neighbors at the homestead. Don't get me started on the Grizzies...ugh!
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