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Cosmo Confessions, part four

And this little martini was keeping me pleasant company while I ate an incredible meal at Patio in Provincetown this past Sunday, the first night of Carnival. The lobster ravioli was delicious, and I even indulged that day, and ordered a sparkling cosmo after this pink drink was history.

I'm going to keep my comments to a minimum, this time round. Too many interesting shots, I think!

As you can see, Rrrrrramalita's all set for the journey, and looks like entirely in her element, don't you think?

Okay, look. I'll get the cheesecake out of the way, first and foremost...

Personally, I find this shot a lot sexier. Great legs, both of them! Don't you like the way that their hands are almost touching?

Okay, here's where I'll sneak in my subtle political rant of the day. On Sirus lately, I've been hearing all these ads for "Sirius Right," where the conservative radio shill mentions the recent arrests in London, and concludes that, "That's why--now more than ever--you need to listen to Sirius Right, so we can help you get the straight talk on all the media hype!"

Ummm, what? Sounds like the hint of media desperation to me. The conclusion being, I suppose, that now more than ever, what's needed is more conservative bullshit?

Hmmm, let's a look at the track records of Clinton versus Bush, shall we? Which President kept America safer? Hmmm...let me see...this one should be really difficult, shouldn't it?

September 11...Iraq war...Israeli Lebanon conflict caused by a power vacuum in Iraq which encourages a fundamentalist and paranoid Iran government to fan the flames of conflict...

Is this really a difficult question? In my opinion, Democrats fundamentally have a better handle on world affairs and keeping America safe, because they have a distinctly better understanding of how the world operates, and America's role as a superpower. And keep in kind, kidlets, the last American war fought for a truly good cause, with an actual conclusion, was led by the greatest president of all...a guy named Roosevelt...

Okay...I'll shut up...

You know, most people take pictures of the artificial, wild element of Provincetown. But let's not forget, the area is beautiful (and no cracks about this infamous dock, y'hear?)

The theme of Carnival was "Gay Paree." And it was!

I managed to talk Corb into catching a show. He went in kicking and screaming, but ended up laughing his ass off. The show was quick, but the performer--Randy Roberts--was quite good, coming onstage as Bette Midler and Cher. But I have to tell you--his arms were a bit too buff to really fool you, at least, when you look at the pictures later on. We sat in the front row, and the minute I snapped this, Corb gave me the thumbs up. I think it's my favorite, too.

Corb and I walked up and down the main street for practically eight hours. By the time we left, it was around midnight, and our feet were aching. Once we got into the car, the first thing both of us did was to take our sneakers and socks of. To kill the overpowering smell of the locker room, Corb quickly rolled down all the windows.

Around one thirty, Corb , who is usually in bed by eleven, latest, was nodding off at the wheel, so I took over the driving. Aching feet, tired eyes...but it was worth it! Definitely a fantastic day, one I'll keep in my head and smile about for some time to come.

By the way, Corb is convinced that Rialis is going to win "America's Got Talent." He thought they were the only group worth a million dollars. I still like the people who change costumes quickly, but they blew whatever chances they had when the guy challenged Piers directly. One should never look petulant when being criticized. It is not an attractive--or vote garnering--emotion.

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