Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Enter Ramalita!

(click here and let the insanity begin...)

Saturday was a special day--the thirteenth birthday of Ashes! To celebrate, Ashes decided to invite twelve girls over to the house for a birthday party...and then ask Josie AFTER she had asked all the girls. And, Ashes put together a full day of events, including a kitty fashion show. That's Corb working on the runway.

Although I thought it would be our biggest issue, costumes actually came easily. I assigned Annie to the project, and she got to work and whipped up two or three fabulous designer outfits. The biggest problem turned out to be finding cat models. Oliver was out of the question (he's never been outside since he's been with us), and Annie's cat was in heat. Josie's smallest cat, Kharma, was way too young to be involved, and was also hiding on the day of the birthday party. We couldn't find her anywhere. Koko wouldn't have anything to do with this, which left us with one model...Ricky. Poor, good natured slob. He posed for everything that we placed him in.

Did I say only one runway cat? Well, actually, that's not EXACTLY true. Actually, Corb decided to submit his own entry--Ramalita! He spent all afternoon on Friday putting together this most fabulous feline, while we were waiting for that *!$@@** cable guy to not show up.

Truly, Ramalita is a cat of wonder, don't you think? Incredible fashion sense. And those lips, that mouth, they say everything. When you say her name, you must roll your R at the beginning, and then end the word in an exclamation point, like this..."Rrrrrrrrrrrrramalita!"

If only I had been able to bring that one-eyed kitty to life, our fashion show would have been complete...but, it was a great event! Later on, Tiger showed us how he could make his guineau pig bowl...quite a talent!

Rrrrrrramalita, as it turns out, went with us on our trip to Provincetown the next day. More on that tomorrow...

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