Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I wrote this the other day before coffee

A flower bloomed within my head
I watered it with memories of you
Live life to the fullest, you said
Don't look back
These are the things that I choose to take away
Not the years of longing

And now, the seed has sprouted shoots
Has snaked through my cranium
Has inched toward my ears
Has bunched up behind my orbs
As the incubator starts to stifle
As the pressure builds
As inch by inch and day by day and thought by thought and minute by minute and moment by moment and whispered word becomes spoken voce and as a crack starts to form in the back of my neck, a mini pinprick followed by a crecendo of sound and sight and suddenly


Through the blood and hair and bone
Behold! A sunflower,
A pink sunflower
My head bounces down to the floor
A puckered discarded mask
A relic of the past
Alas, poor Yorich...

Sunflower man reborn!
A moist and bubbling pool of fibre and tendrils!
Shake toward the sun, baby!
Shake it!
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