Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Cosmo confessions, part three

And this little martini was quite delicious and was sitting around with three other martinis at Pipinelle's restaurant in Franklin, MA.

The heaving bosom in the background? Josie's. She was surrounded by a sea of heaving bosoms, as Pauline and her friend Marcia decided to join our party, and were were wearing that "peasant blouse without the sleeves" style.

It was a fun night. The meal was great, but I think the highlight involved the deserts at the end. We all ordered a different desert, and sat around sampling what everyone else had ordered. I had the tiramisu.

David and I were walking to lunch yesterday, on my last day at work (wee-ha!), and he was marveling at how civilized we all are. "Well yes, you could say it's a little odd," he said. "Out of the ordinary. 'Oh, I'm going to take my ex-wife out to dinner, with my gay partner, her boyfriend, and our kids.' It just sounds like something very Manhattan."

"Funny," I said, "Daniel said a few weeks ago that something like that could only happy in Eldredge. And I don't think he was implying it was sophisticated at all."

There was one unpleasant episode. Ashes caught wind of the fact that Andrew and Josie were staying at the hotel room that Corb and I had arranged as our present, and started to get weepy. She had been up last night until six in the morning at a sleepover, and was just emotional. I took her walked, and she snapped out of it, but I think it goes to show that things are not half as perfect as I may want to believe.

Anyway, today's a HUGE day of packing and cleaning. Oh, and finishing 24. Lots to do before we head of to Yarmouth!
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