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Burn, baby, burn


...and after!

This wasn't the best bonfire that we've ever had at the beach house, frankly. With the exception of an old metal bench at its center, this fire is pretty much simply brush and cardboard. As a result, it burned brightly at first, but quickly died out, leaving us with a burning bench (with apologies to Farrah Fawcett).

My favorite bonfire will always be the year that my parents tore down the original outhouse. With all that rotting wood, the fire practically reached the sky, and the presence of a toilet seat cover resting atop all the wood really gave the affair a touch of class.

All Quiet on the Work Front...too Quiet
It's an extremely quiet week at work. My boss is on vacation, and my cellmate, Dave, has gone off to California, to visit his ailing mother.

Unfortunately, however, work recently placed a ban on all things bloggish. First MySpace became forbidden, so I knew that my LJ days were numbered. And finally, last week, it happened. I logged in, and instead of the familiar blue and white screen, I was greeted with the words, "This site has been deemed inappropriate for work usage."

It's actually somewhat ridiculous, because in my line of work, many blogs serve a valid business purpose. Now, we're not even allowed to look at the Yahoo message boards for our own company! I can only hope that they loosen their grip on the blogosphere, because the current state of things seems far too restrictive.

So, bottom line: it's going to be hard for me to view Live Journal or post responses during the work hours. And at night, I'm knee deep in Amelia. However, I'm going to try the best I can to stay up on everything.

Theo and the dream of bicycling
On the beach house preparation front, I'm continuing to plan and get things ready for our trip. One thing I really wanted to do is to bring the kids' bicycles with us there. I discovered that Theo never learned to ride a bike without training wheels. Whenever his friends ask him to ride, he lies, and I think that's really sad.

Andrew (Josie's guy) was nice enough to fix Theo's bike, but the one thing I want to do is to be the one helping Theo learn. I know, it's an ego thing, but I think that's important.

In fact, after Andrew fixed the bike, Theo was tempted to start to get on it and learn what to do, and Andrew was willing to teach him, but Theo stopped. "I told him you wanted to help me," Theo said. That made me feel pretty damn good. So: we have a mission in Yarmouth.

Love and the Single Girl

Pauline and I caught up Tuesday night, just to catch up and make sure things are moving along. "Now you're still going out with that boyfriend of yours, right?" I asked. The last two vacations, she broke up with a guy right before we left, and she was miserable and pouting the whole time.

"Yes, I am," she sighed. "But I don't think I really like him. When I'm with him, it's fine, but when I'm away, I just feel like, 'Ehhh, what am I thinking?'"

"Do me a favor. Keep thinking like that until after we go on vacation," I said. "That way, at least, you'll be happy for us!"

And that, my friends, is the burning news in my life for today.
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