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I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!

Ours was spent at my parents beach house in Rhode Island. It's something of a family tradition, dating back to when I was about eighteen or so.

So many things have changed through the years, not the least of which is my change in partners. When I first started going, I would bring my friends--Pauline, MB, or Joyce. Then, Josie started going, with Annie, who was about a year old at the time. Through the years, Theo and Ashes were added on--and other familiar, beloved faces, such as Josie, and my grandmother, and Jim's father, disappeared from the scene.

This is the one day of the year where Corb has to pretty much spend the entire day with my mother and father, and it can be a challenging one for him. My father tends to get very quiet when Corb's around. He doesn't say hello, or even goodbye, but pretty much avoids talking to either of us as much as possible. My mother, I've noticed, tends to overcompensate, and serves as the social one. So, he sat and drank with his friends, and mom sat with us. She even sprayed Corb with Off, at one point. Now there's a good hostess.

The other folks there are a mixed bunch. Cathy (of Cathy and Jim, whom I've mentioned before), who's nice to everyone, snarls at Corb. I'm not sure why that is. Does she think he had something to do with my breakup with Josie? It's crazy.

Cathy's sister *is* crazy. She tends to sit in a chair and bark out orders to everyone, about things that could go wrong. At one point, a little kid was digging a hole in the beach sand, and she started calling out that the hole was dangerous, and someone might trip. The kid's mother told the kid to cover it up when he was done, but that wasn't good enough. Cathy's sister kept calling out about it, and finally, walked over and covered up the hole with her foot. Of course, the kid started bawling.

Jim's brother comes up every 4th, with his wife and sons. They are the silent family. The mother and oldest son do not speak, under any circumstances. The youngest son is friendly, but subdued. Jim's brother loves to talk--to me, but he's soft spoken, so it's hard to hear all that he says. However, he definitely is the friendliest to me out of everyone there. I think he really makes an effort to be an extrovert, which isn't easy for him. This year, our conversation ranged from property values to soccer. Hoo boy.

The best parts of the day--swimming, playing Sorry with the kids, the bonfire at night. The worst--hands down, a fight with Corb right before we got to the beachhouse. I managed to get lost on the way there and Corb and I started snappingt at each other. Right when we arrived we had to go for a walk to clear the air. It was a crummy way to start a stressful day for him.

Anyway, my legs hurt and I've got to get ready for work...more pics to come!
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