Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Tonight is my first weeknight alone with Corb in about four months.

Seriously, because of the play, my week fell pretty much like this: Monday kids, Tuesday rehearsal, Wednesday kids, Thursday rehearsal, Friday rehearsal and kids. Saturday I'd have the kids until one and then get them again Sunday afternoon.

So, having a night alone with the Corbster is a pretty big deal in my highly structured little life.

You could sense this last night. Around nine, Corb asked me to go for a walk with him. Theo immediately asked to go. Corb said, "No, your Dad and I want to walk alone."

We started out alone, but thirty seconds later, guess who came running out of the apartment building. Theo.

Corb was kind of miffed, but what am I going to do? As it was, with the play and hell week, I hadn't seen much of my kids the past week, and I enjoyed the attention.

We did end up getting a few laps around the pond, just the two of us. However, it'll be nice to have some alone time with the big guy tonight.

On an unrelated note, plans are moving forward for my next obsession: our vacation in Yarmouth. Last night, Pauline came over and asked to speak to me, alone.

"Have you been inviting people to sleep over that I don't know about?" she asked.

I blushed. Well, yes, I had indicated that Theo could have a friend go with us, as well as Ashes.

"You do realize that the limit's supposed to be seven, right, and we're already at eight with all the people we already have?"

"Well, yeah..." I sputtered. "But they're just little kids. And besides, it doesn't say seven in the contract, does it?"

"And whose name is on the contract, Ted?" she asked. I looked away, grinning like a boy with his hand caught in the cookie jar. "Well, you're right. I'll just check to see if 'around eight' is okay with the owner."

More on that later...
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