Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

So, with four whole days without the need to even think about Kiss Me, Kate , what did I do on my first worry-free Sunday?

You guessed it. Absolutely nothing.

I stuffed my mind full of video cheese doodles. An entire disc worth of Bewitched, Season Two . A very cosy two hours at Josie's, sitting on my favorite armchair, watching Runaway Bride . Corb's boss went on maternity leave, and he brought the kids home a balloon shaped liked a butterfly, and kept whacking me with it during commercials, just to be a pest.

Oh, and I started getting myself in shape for reading again. For five months, I haven't allowed myself anything too time consuming. I've lived off of light fare: issues of the New Yorker and saltine crackers of books, such as Misquoting Jesus .

To start off on the right foot, I took out some old favorites and started thumbing through them. A book that I picked up at a dollar shop fifteen years ago tops my list: The Hollywood Studios by Ethan Morden. The book is split in half and the cover no longer exists, but I love its examination of the studios during the golden age of movies and the fact that I can flip to any page and start reading. And next, a preface by Deems Taylor to The Complete Gilbert & Sullivan . Something about the history of the light operas they crafted never fails to fascinate me.

Once ready, what should I actually start reading? I chose The Grey King by Susan Cooper. It should be a quick read, and I love the series, having started it during the time that I was moving away from Josie, right before I met Corb. It's perfect, because it will put me in the mood for reading Amelia , which I intend to read one last time before I actually do something with it. It's time.

Having trouble sleeping on my side, lately. The arm I sleep on goes numb, and I have to shift around, and wait for the pins and needles to go away. I don't like that much.
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