Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Things are really starting to come together, finally.

Tuesday night, the 24-piece orchestra moved into the college. There's just something about having that number of instruments all together that transforms a show. And, sure enough, Wednesday night, when we added voices to the music, it was as if everything was transformed. My leading man's baritone voice sounded magnificent, set against the strings and trumpets. My leading lady sat on stage in a chair and looked as though she should be in a recording booth. Even my weakest links--and I won't mention who they are--sounded great.

So at this point, the set's almost done, the sound and lighting are moving along, the orchestra's in place...and now, tonight, we start to put it all together, from start to finish.

It should make for a long night. It should make for a GREAT show, too.
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