Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Introducing Emma

Meet Emma, the newest addition to the tedwords family. Josie's house has been feeling just a bit empty since the loss of Prince, and so, she started looking around for a puppy last week.

About three days later, Corb was talking to his boss, who asked him if he knew anyone who might be interested in offering up their home to a two-year-old chocolate lab. Seems the family who had Emma was moving to Florida and just wanted a good home for her.

So, Josie drove to New Hampshire Saturday and Emma now has a good home. One of the best, in fact. She's incredibly sweet.

As Josie said, things happen for a reason.

So, what does someone who's been eating, breathing, and living Kiss Me, Kate do in their off time?

He goes to Newport. After set construction Saturday, Corb and I headed off, even though there was the possibility of rain. We just needed to get away.

Good news: very litle rain. We walked for hours, and ended up eating at Sala's. I had stuffed lobster, and spilled hot butter all over Corb's left sneaker. He had the tastiest toes in Newport.

After that, we watched The Da Vinci Code , along with everyone else and their mother, it seems. Despite less-than-flattering reviews, I enjoyed the movie. I didn't find it plodding at all, really. In fact, the only things that bugged me about the movie bugged me about the book. (SPOILER WARNING: You know the drill, don't read any further.)

-- Why does Tom Hanks take the albino guy who resembles a buff Ed Begley Jr. with him to England? I would have just left him in France after knocking him out. Think about it: do you drag your atackers along for the ride? Isn't that an awful lot of extra bagage?
--In fact, it makes the next scene thoroughly implausible: how in the hell do you manage to drag BEBJ (Buff Ed Begley Jr) from the airplane to the English automobile in three seconds time? Did he come willingly? Did he resist? He just seemed awfully accomodating, if you ask me.

Listen: one of these days, when I'm finally published, I just know I'll have some wiseass pointing out my plot contrivances. In fact, I'll deserve it!

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