Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Just a quick update my last rather enigmatic post. Yesterday was a really tough day, both at work and play.

At work, I had a meeting with a group I co-chair, and the person who co-chairs this team with me is really frustrating, because she appears incapable of focusing on what we're trying to accomplish. I think we have agreement on what we're going to work on, I try to move ahead, and then she comes to meetings and totally pulls a 180, causing confusion for everyone. She asks questions that should have been asked in the beginning, and as a result, we just spin our wheels on projects. My meeting yesterday with her left me in a foul mood.

Rehearsal wasn't much better. The actors can't seem to get a grip on their blocking or lines. The only good thing I'm seeing is the dancing, which of course, I had no part in, making me feel like I've failed in my job. One actor in particular doesn't seem to know his lines, his blocking, or his song, and I'm seriously thinking of cutting his number from the show.

Plus I'm feeling sick, and after rehearsal, Corb and I had a bit of a row. We made up, but it was the last straw. A perfect trifecta. I managed to fail on all three counts yesterday. Hey, at least I came home to take care of my sick boy. I suppose that redeems me, just a bit.
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