Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Watching Astaire and Rogers in "Shall We Dance" tonight...mmm, verily nice...Josie is asleep in the other room, not feeling well at all.

Coco/Koko spent most of the day hiding under the bed. She did come out of her seclusion around nine. We're all very concerned, but I think she'll be okay.

I think it's a symptom of the turmoil we are currently going through, but I have been so forgetful lately. For example, I've had to request a new ATM card twice in the past two months, because I've misplaced mine. Almost happened again tonight. I went to deposit a check and forgot to take the card out of the machine after I was done. I didn't realize it until after supper. Then, all I could think of was another 7-10 days without a card. Horrors!

Happily, when I returned to the ATM after supper, I learned that the customer service desk in the supermarket had heard the ATM beeping and had rescued my card before it had been swallowed whole. Yeah!

Of course, at that point, I had to wrestle the customer service attendant to the ground in order to reclaim my beloved card.

"I've got your stinking card," the attendant hissed, his left eye squinting as he glared at me. "It's the property of the supermarket now, mister."

Deftly, I bounded across the counter and hit him with a quick jab to the jaw. "Take that, you bounder!" I cried.

He had been dealt a blow, but was not incapacitated. "Take this, you stinking consumer," he cried out and lunged forward to place me in a headlock.

Ah, but he was no match for me. Using the skills I had been taught by the ancient Chinese sensei Sadao Yoshioka, I removed myself from his grip, grabbed a hold of his left leg, and with a groan lifted him up. Losing balance, he fell backwards and plummeted into a case of stewed tomatoes. I grabbed the ATM card from the counter, hopped back over to the other side, and left him there.

Stewing in his own juices, of course.

My work there was done.
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