Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

The sudsy adventures of a not-so-domestic goddess

One thing I'll say for a dirty sink; it can give you a few reasons to smile.

First layer, on the experiment, tonight. Corb tries to cook healthy: pasta on top of salad, with a layer of chicken strips. He doesn't like it and shoves it to one side, claiming the bleu cheese dressing spoiled it. Ashes wolfs it down.

The second layer comes from last night's dinner, waiting for me when I returned home for work, ready for rehearsal. Corb had it waiting and ready for me: spicy shrimp and a slice of blueberry pie. A few minutes of sanity before I move back onto the treadmill.

The third layer is from Tuesday. My turn to cook, so it has to be something easy. A stir fry. Theo's alternative meal is next to it: Ramen Pride.

Bottom layer. Bowls, and lots of them. Damned if I'm positive where they came from. Oh, and a paint brush, from when we remade the bakers rack. Did it have stain on it? Is stain good for other dirty dishes?

Finally, dishes done, but the sink is full of sudsy water. I turn on the garbage disposal and step back. I have this paranoid fear that a knife will go down the drain, bounce out, and stab me in the eye.

Yesterday, Corb took our two sacks of dirty clothes and had them wash and fold them. $63. Seems like way too much to me, but it is awful sweet to have everything all done and wrapped in plastic.
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