Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

There was a study in April of last year from the University of London that found that constant emailing and text messaging reduced the mental capability by an average of 10 points on an I.Q. test--five points for women and 15 for men.

This may be old news to some, but I just read it the other day, dulled as my brain is by constant emailing. I wonder whether blogging/journaling is factored into the equation, too? I bet it is.

I don't know if I feel less intelligent, but I certainly think that constant emailing, or checking for email, or posting, or replying makes me far more distracted and less attentive. I can't focus in a linear fashion, because every five seconds, my brain is telling me to check my email for something new.

I don't IM that much, however. No time. I used to do it more when it was allowed at work. I think I logged on to AIM for the first time in weeks a few days ago, then left the room to prepare for rehearsal. Corb sent an IM to mylifetake2 about buttcheeks, and that was about it.

On a related note, here's the most annoying thing about the anonymous caller incident the other night. Corb called his cell phone provider, Sprint, clearly upset, and they helped him and all, but at the end of the call, they freaking tried to upsell him! What were they thinking? "Hmmm, here's a guy upset because he received a death threat...perhaps I can turn this life moment into a marketing opportunity!"

Corb got off the phone, shaking his head. "After they changed my number, the guy said to me, 'And hey, now that you've got a new number, this is a great opportunity to get free text messaging for a month! Studies have shown that you actually will save 200 minutes a month on your cell phone charges!' I said no, and then he said, 'Are you listening to me? I said you could save 200 minutes on your cell phone calls!'"

I think "save" is a funny term. Maybe the salesperson forgot for a minute that they've priced Corb in to a certain plan, and are not offering to reduce that fixed cost...perhaps they're thinking that his IQ has already been lowered by a constant stream of emails and Text messages, and might not be thinking about that...

But really, is a negative experience the right time to try and freaking upsell? Personally, I don't think any time is. My attitude is, "Look, I'll buy more of your crummy merchandise when I want to. Before that, just BACK THE HELL OFF!"

But, hmmm...what other upsell opportunities are there out there? "Sorry your husband died in that freak ski accident, ma'am...but look, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of our online dating service, don't you think?"

"Hey, Mr. Johnson, I know I told you you only have two months to live, but this is a great opportunity to try my new online casino gambling service! You may not have made much of yourself during your life, but now's a great moment to try and leaved your loved ones a fortune!"

Growl...freaking marketers...I think whoever came up with upselling should end up in a very special Upsell Hell. Imagine if you will a small room in the land of fire and brimstone. A phone rings. "I heard you had a complaint about that red hot poker up your ass? Sorry, can't help with that, but would you like to take advantage of our fun new tongue weights? They'll stretch that old tongue at least an inch or two in no time! Or, how about a great new feature--armpit maggots! Whadya say, guy?"
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