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Snapshots from Green Victoria


Since it's a cold, rainy day in Eldredge, I thought I'd post a picture I took a few days ago, of our cat Ricky, doing his best version of Garfield enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon.

So, there's one very unpleasant side effect to having the flu bug pass around the family like a cheap Southern whore. That is, it slows down Corb's sexual drive to neutral.

Seriously. The past week wasn't just spend holding my stomach running to the bathroom. It was also spent wondering when the hell I was ever going to get any action again.

Come Sunday morning, the flu was started to pass, but Corb was still observing house monastary rules.

"I don't know what it is," he said to me, as we were driving to breakfast. "Whenever I get sick, I just don't think about sex. It doesn't have any appeal to me. I haven't even had a woody in a week. Not even a morning one."

"Not even when we saw that eighty-year-old nun cross the street yesterday?"

"Not even then."

"Not even during the Lactation Festival on the Playboy channel the other night?"


"That's impossible," I replied. "Studies have shown that the average male thinks about sex every twenty seconds or so."

"Not me. Not this week."

"Not now?"

He grinned. "Not now."

"Let's try an experiment," I replied. "Quick. Answer fast. What are you thinking about, right this instant?"

He pointed to a new apartment complex that was being built near the local hospital. "I was thinking about what that's going to look like once it's built."

"Hmmm. I was thinking about sex. Okay, okay....what about now?"

He pointed to a white building in front of us. "I was thinking how much nicer that would look if it were power washed."

"Okay, okay. I was thinking about massive sex. Hmmm. Interesting. Now I'm worried."

On a completely related note, I noticed last night that NBC TV was promoting Brokeback Mountain as its "Video of the Week," a promotion I've never seen before. But did anyone notice that nowhere in the promotion does it even hint at a relationship between the two guys? You see plenty of shots of Jake with his short off, and the Brokeback babes (male and female), but for all you can tell from the clips, it could be an episode of Bonanza . I know they're not looking to offend, but the promotion just struck me as strange.

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