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For anyone convinced of the fact that George Bush is a mere puppet of Dick Cheney, the events of yesterday's press conference probably didn't come as much of a surprise, when the president's head actually fell off after he unfortunately told the truth and admitted that American troops will probably be in Iraq for many years to come.

"You ever hear of the word 'bajillion', as in, a bajillion years? Because that's how long we're going to be stuck in this mess," Bush was saying, right before Cheney frantically hit the pop-o-matic button on his remote control device.

The above picture caught the president's head, mid wobble, before it clattered to the ground and rolled across the floor, landing at the feet of a reporter from the Associated Press. A spirited game of hot potato ensued among the press corps.

As shown here, after wrestling Helen Thomas to the ground and reclaiming the football shaped object, it took the Secret Service mere seconds to gather the Bush head and quickly reinsert it back onto the broom handle that was jutting out of the section of the President's body where the neck should be. After that, it was a simple matter for the sound engineer to resync the Bushspeak sound track and for the press conference to resume as if nothing had happened. Bush's eyes quickly reassumed an almost lifelike gaze, and the president was back on track, declaring the war in Iraq a success, his present group of key advisors a successful success, and his handling of matters both internal and external a successfully successful success. Well, actually, he sort of sounded like Daffy Duck, at that point.

And how am I? Glad you asked!

Still tired, but we had a quite productive rehearsal last night. We managed to block out two songs, and my musical director worked for some time with our lead. Plus, Corb and I discovered a new Chinese restaurant that's fast and practically deserted, so we can sneak in there, gobble down our food, and be on our way.

They have a huge widescreen TV in the restaurant, and last night, it was showing an episode of Charmed. Every time I see that show, I'm amazed by the cheesy special effects. How is it Buffy and Angel managed to pull off decent effects, but Charmed is still stuck in the eighties? Weird.

Anyway, good morning! Go take on the day, hokay?
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