Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

This past weekend was spent in the company of nine-year-old boys. Never underestimate their capacity for destruction.

By the time we left the hotel room, we had silly string covering the living room floor, along with tinsel string, which the kids had decided to yank out of their goody bags and roll around in, at one point. The garbage bags were stuffed with trash and candy wrappers were thrown everywhere. And this was after Corb and I had done some cleaning. Good thing Corb works there...

My favorite moment came toward the end of the first night, as the five of us sat in the conference room, gobbling down junk food. Just five guys, talking about life.

"Once, I was driving my dirt bike with my dad, and my dad lost his balance and fell off," said Griffin, who was a bit of a talker, and spent most of the night calling his mother every five minutes to let her know what was going on. "The dirt bike started to head off the track, and I jumped of before it hit a tree. Dad broke his leg."

"One time, I walked out onto my driveway, and there was a big snake there, staring at me," said Brett, who was the tallest in the group, and clearly the biggest mischief maker.

"One time, I was exploring with my sister in the woods, and a snake fell out of a tree," said Theo, between bites of his hamburger. The three boys were all nine, but ran the gamut--Brett was the tallest and Griffin by far the smallest, with Theo somewhere in between.

"One time I ran over a bee's nest with my lawn mower, and the bees started crawling up my shirt," I said. I had decided that my poison would be Taco Bell, rather than McDonalds.

"Oh yeah? One time I climbed up a tree, and stuck my hand in a bee's nest, and was stung over 200 times," said Corb, not to be outdone.

The dudes all sat there, munching and nodding at the immensity of Corb's dilemma.

The kids went to sleep by 12:30. I let them watch the new King Kong, and the sheer length of the movie finally wore them down. To their credit, they stuck it through for most of the flick, but by the time the credits were rolling, and I went into the living room to check on them, they were fast asleep.

Josie also stayed with Ashes in another hotel room that night, and we met up for breakfast in the morning, then a swim. Then, time for the parents to return. Griffin, who had called his mom so many times that she finally drove to the hotel last night, also turned out to be the one who didn't want to leave. "This was the best sleepover ever," he told Theo.

Me, I didn't get much sleep at the sleepover. The kids were too noisy, and my bed just didn't feel comfortable. It was a thing of beauty to hop into my real bed last night, to get a good night's sleep.
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