Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I won't say I told you so...

I quickly LJ-cut this so as not to spoil any Oscar surprises! Whew!

But I did predict that Crash was going to win Best Picture!

Glaring coincidences aside, it was simply the best written story, and in the end, it's the level of the writing that's going to win it every time (not that Brokeback didn't have great writing...and note, both won "Best" in their respective writing categories).

Stories like Crash have a long rich history, with connections to the problem plays of George Bernard Shaw. Each character has a point of view, a different story to tell, a small part of the overall issue: racism and prejudice. In a story such as this, the sum is greater than its parts, which is why (correct me if I'm wrong), no actor or actress won in any of their respective categories.

Anyway, I was pleased. I think the Academy Awards were really balanced and fair, this year. I don't think anyone can complain that any one movie was slighted, this time around. And I was quite pleased that Reese Witherspoon won for her incredible performance in Walk the Line . I really liked her acceptance speech too, especially what she said about "just trying to matter" in life. That really is what most of us are trying to do.

Of course, curmudgeon that I am, when she then continued to say that she was "just trying to make work that matters," my mind did sort of drift to Legally Blonde 2 for JUST a minute or two...hmmmm....some work is better left forgotten...

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