Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Oddly enough...

As I was eating lunch at my desk just now, and enjoying my sandwich, I suddenly became aware of a rumbling overhead. I glanced up, and suddenly realized that the drop ceiling was shaking. Bits of plaster and several panels fell lose, and suddenly, God fell out, bare feet first, and plopped down into the seat facing mine.

"Mr. Alexian," he boomed out, his brow furrowed and his thin white hair shaking with fury. "Have you really defied my will by daring to eat a smoked turkey and artichoke sandwich on Lent?"

I stood there, my mouth hanging open, a piece of artichoke hanging out of the corner like a slug's trail. "Ummm...yes...I guess I have," I managed to stammer out.

He reached over my desk. "Can I have a bite?"
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