Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Corb just wrote to me reminding me that it's Lent and I'm not supposed to eat meat today.

I don't know. At one point in time, an admonition against eating meat may have sent waves of horror through my system, although I would have invariably broken the rule and felt guilty the whole day through.

But you see...last night, Corb was working late and the kids were with Josie, and I decided to stop at Panera's for supper.

Now, the only thing I hate about Panera's is that they seem to have this fondness for adding onions to EVERYTHING. And there was one item on the menu that sounded great--smoked turkey with artichoke, except that caramelized onions were included. Yuck.

So, when I reached the counter, I asked if they could take out the onions. The cashier (an onion lover, clearly) looked at me strangely, and said, "Yes, but it will take twenty minutes."

That was fine. I had the time, so I went to sit down and wait for my meal. And as I was waiting, I brought with me The New Yorker , and started reading a fascinating article on Mary Magdalene, and how she's been portrayed through the ages.

The article piqued my interest because it frequently references Gnostic scholar Elaine Pagels, whose book, The Origin of Satan , I found enlightening.

What I received from article is the Gnostic interpretation of Mary Magdalene as someone that was not a whore, but a leader among Christ's disciples and also, someone that Peter was intensely jealous of, because she was someone that Jesus tended to confide in more than the menfolk. Had not the more orthodox Church gained stability in the fourth century, in part because this institution was more welcoming and less demanding on non-believers than the Gnostic faith, we may have had a quite different interpretation of the role of the female in the church than we do today.

So this got me to thinking this morning: this being the case, why again is it necessary to refrain from eating meat? I had a half of a sandwich that I had set aside from Panera's the night before that was decaramelizedand absolutely delicious.

So, heathen that I am, I wrote back and told Corb that I was going with the turkey and artichoke.

His response: Oh, thats ok. We're going to hell, anyway.
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