Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria


I post this at the risk of turning this into a fuzzy kitty journal. However, Tiger took it on Sunday, in order to have a cover for invitations to his ninth birthday, and had such pride in it.

For his birthday, we're having a sleepover at Corb's hotel. Tiger admitted he's a bit nervous, because he's really only had one friend sleep over before, at Josie's. I'm a bit apprehensive, too. This will be our first time with some of Tiger's friends. We've mastered girls, but will a sleepover of boys be different? Where will we sleep? I'm sure it will be fine, but I'm thinking of asking Josie to hang a while, just for reassurance.

But it was so great, seeing my boy so excited about the invitation. Last night, in bed, he read the entire invitation to Ashes, down to the letter. Of course, she just kept her eyes glued to the television and ignored him. She didn't care.

Also, some butterflies in my stomach about tonight's first read-through. This will be the first gathering of the complete cast. We move into music rehearsals next week, three nights a week. I'm hoping for a quick March and April. Once the shows in run-through phase, I'll start to breathe a lot easier.

Plus, it will be warmer. It's way too cold around here right now. I spend my time avoiding being outside as much as possible. I could use a little warmth!

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