Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I may have mentioned this before, but I'm a terrible person to watch movies with.

The problem is, I get so involved in what I'm watching. If the movie's doing its job, I can easily get sucked into the world. So, as a result, I actually make SOUNDS as I watch the movie. If it's a suspenseful scene, I'll suck in my breath and grab on to a pillow. If it's a funny scene, I'll laugh louder than anyone else in the room. If it's sad, I can't help but start to tear up.

The tearing up thing was the reaction I had during a scene from Crash last night, as I continued my "Best Picture" Oscar screenings. There's one scene involving a little girl, her father, and a storeowner, and it was just so incredibly intense that I found myself literally bawling after the scene was over.

The funny thing is, the scene doesn't contain any sappy strings in the background, or tears, or words of sadness spoken. It involves a violent act, more than anything else. But the way that it was directed, so naturally, and the way that you are left wondering what was going to happen next left me so emotionally drained after the scene was over that there was nothing I could do but cry.

I liked Crash , a lot. Despite things wrapping up a bit too neatly, I liked the plot structure, because it formed a cohesive whole. I couldn't say that about Brokeback Mountain . And despite a huge cast, there weren't many times where I was like, "Okay, now who is that, again?" Each person was separate and distinct.

In other news...well, there isn't much news. I'm preparing for our first rehearsal on Tuesday, and Corb and I are going to be cleaning this old crackhouse today. Plus, Annie's taking me out for breakfast today. I get paid on Wednesday, so until then, I'm poor.

Sounds on a Sunday morning
The wind sailing in and out like waves
The wind chimes aimlessly chattering
Corb's breathing
The cat, obsessing on something
A distant plane
And here I am, typing away.
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