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American Idol predictions

Okay, I'm going to be a nice guy and hide this in a cut, so that my friend gwendraith doesn't get mad at me, but given the fact that starting next week, I'm going to be rehearsing on Tuesday and Thursdays, and probably won't be seeing any future episodes, I am going, at this point in time, give you, my one and only impressions of this year's season of American Idol

From the girls that performed last night, the answer was really simple. Only Paris Bennett really moved me. Her distinctive speaking voice, command and ease on stage, and brassy vocals made me remember her name today...and that's saying something. The only other performer I liked even a smidge was the last one, Katharine McPhee. The other girls were very pretty, but utterly unremarkable.

There were several guys tonight that I liked. Chris Dougherty was quite good, and of course, I love bald men. Ace Young is probably going to end up as a gay icon (come on, you don't pick George Michael just for shits and grins), and Elliot is a good singer, although in a karaoke, hey, I'm drunk, so let me just get on that stage and belt one out kind of way. But far and away, the guy that stood out, and made me smile just to see his sheer joy of singing, was Taylor Hicks. SUPERB. Truly different. I liked him.

Unfortunately, there were far more really bad guy singers than really bad girl singers. There totally has to be a special place in hell for the other Bennett in this competition, Bobby. Why in the world would anyone in their right mind pick "Copa Cabana" as their first song in the competition? It's an uterly nauseating opening move, and the way he delivered it proved that he's not even good enough to sing in an out-of-the-way tiki lounge in my small town of Eldredge. That guy who sang in a falsetto to Earth Wind and Fire proved why he's nicknamed "Sway"...but that's not really a good thing, if you ask me. I had other nicknames for him, too. The kid who looked like Bobby Brady has totally got to go (unless he's going to sing "Time to Change," which would crack me up), as does that UTTERLY HORRIBLE 17-year-old who sang "Crazy Litle Thing Called Love" as a lounge lizard. Did I really need to see that? And Bucky Covington cannot possibly be the name of an American Idol. Even in the Czech Republic it isn't a fiting name for an American Idol. I'd have a hard timing naming my pet woodchuck Bucky Covington. Come to think of it, he kind of resembles my pet woodchuck...

In other notes, the decision to have a live band is a wise one. It adds dimension to the music.

And, oh yes, tonight proved, once again, that Simon is the only judge on that panel who has even a clue about what they're talking about, even if he can't always articulate it. I think the only reason they keep Paula Abdul around is so that she can serve as narrator for all the American Idol DVD releases. Hey, they need someone to hawk the product.

That's all. You probably won't hear me talk about this season at all these next few months! It will be interesting to see how I fare with my predictions, however.
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