Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

I don't always do this enough, I think, but I have to say how grateful I am to have Corb in my life.

Take last night, for example. Since Corb had the day off, he picked Tiger up from school, then picked Ashes up, drove to the supermarket, and had dinner going by the time I came home. And a good dinner, too: chicken pot pie, cheese potatoes, green peas, and dessert.

I mean, I just consider myself the luckiest guy. I've got someone that I love to be around, that I have fun with, that I can tell anything to, that loves my kids, that gets along with my ex, that can put up with my...ummm...eccentricities, that will sit through all my auditions and rehearsals, that will support me, who's affectionate, who's funny...I could go on and on.

Last round of auditions tonight. All this audition times has seriously taken away from any thought of watching American Idol . Corb hates the show, so last night, we finished off Angel Season Four, rather than watching TV.

Also missed the Grammies, and from listening to the winners, I'm sort of glad that I did. I can't imagine anyone giving U2 best album and best song of the year. U2 has officially replaced the Doors as the world's most over-hyped band.
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