Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

My pet peeve of the day...

(With apologies to those who do this...)

I was scrolling through a story on this Oprah/James Frye "scandal," when I came across the following annoying paragraph:, a gossip and commentary Web site, which sent a blogger to Winfrey's studio for the broadcast, wrote later: "We are, of course, completely in awe of the whole thing. Best. Television. Ever."

Can I tell you how sick and tired I am of the use of "Best. (Fill in the blank followed by a period) Ever." motif?

It's just so fanboy and cloying and overused that it's moved into the realm of utter meaningless. I mean, how do you know that it's the best ever? Isn't it really "the best ever, until the next time I want to engage in excessive hyperbole?"

What's next? I half expect to log on to Live Journal tomorrow and see the following...

From the journal of Adolph Hitler

"Eva and I had a gay romp with Goering over to Auschwitz this week-end. Best. Holocaust. Ever!"

From the journal of a Klan member

"Me and the boys threw on our hoods and set a few crosses on fire. Best. Lynching. Ever!"

From the journal of an excessively-detailed teenaged girl

"Johnny was kissing me last night, but I really wasn't into it (even if he does have dreamy eyes), and besides, my friend showed up in the middle of the movie we were watching. Best. Menstrual cycle. Ever!"

From the journal of George W. Bush

"Me like being President better than living in Bizarro world. Best. Right wing conspiracy. Ever!"

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