Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

The NEW adventures of Jizzy the cat...

Well, we did it...Corb and I up and picked out a new furry friend to live with us in the apartment that we like to call our little slice of heaven in a slightly depressed industrial zone.

Want to see what he looks like?

Isn't he the cutest? Look at that adorable little eye, just staring up like a sicilian olive inserted into someone's forehead, and that soft strokable fur, so like the down of a baby duck! I tell you, the kidlets just ooed and ahhed over him as if he were a one eyed scrawny mutant kitten straight out of an urban legend!

We raced home from the animal shelter (which was, oddly enough, situated right smack in between a nuclear power plant and a toxic waste dump), to settle our newfound friend into his scratching post. Let me tell you, he stared at the place, wide eyed with amazement. He purred in a diseased mutant fashion and dug his little claws into the carpeting. The whole scene was so touching that it prompted little Tiger to run to the bedroom and compose the following poem.

You are my one-eyed wonder cat
All cute and yellow and not too fat
I hold you in my little hands
Singing "Mary had a litle lamb"
Some people think that you're urban mythable
But I think you're completely kithable!

At that point, I snatched the paper out of his hands and ripped it into a million pieces. I'll be damned if any kid of mine is going to write with a lisp!

Okay, okay, seriously, we did pick out a cat today, but we have to wait a few days until they check out our references to bring him home...and, come to think about it, with this post, I may have to find a whole new set of references...

He's a one-year-old tabby cat with soft orange and white fur. The lady at the shelter told us that he's a bit shy, and it will take him a little bit of time to get used to his new home, and we'll have to give him a few days to get used to the place. However, the decision was unaminous: we all got good vibes from him, and I think that things are going to work out just fine.

The question is, though, what to name him? With his orange and white fur, he reminds us of a creamsicle, and the logical name would be Creamy, which prompted this exchange between Corb and I after we dropped the kids off:

Corb: Oh, yeah. Creamy. I can just see it. "Yes, we're two gays guys, and we just HAD to name our fabulous cat Creamy, darling..."
Ted: I like Jizzy better. Jizzy the cat.
Corb: Take a look at my pussy, it's Creamy...
Ted: Well, look, we don't have to name it after something he reminds us of. About about naming him after a character in Angel?
Corb: Cordelia?
Ted: It's a BOY cat...
Corb: But Annie named her girl cat Fred. Why not name a boy cat Cordelia?
Ted: What about "Gruselog"? We could call him Gru, for short.
Corb: And how about, NOT?

Anyway, no decision on cat names, just yet, but we did reach an agreement on something else: this microchip thing is quite disturbing. Especially since, according to das Corbster, it's now an option that you can microchip your child before leaving the delivery room...

Now, I'll admit it, I just plain think that would be a bit too intrusive. I mean, I know that it can help make a dent in missing children cases and Alzheimer's patients and all that, but how about if your kid is going to grow up to be a bank robber? I bet he'll regret that mom or dad placed a microchip in his shoulder then! (Come to think of it, this might make for a really interesting story...)

Or seriously, couldn't there be a potential to use something like that for bad? How about if Big Brother didn't like what you had to say, in the event that...oh, call me know, if our society became a bit more totalitarian? How useful would a microchip be that tracks your every whereabouts in such a world?

Note to self: the whole thing sounds way too urban legend for me...sort of like the Cyclops story...I might want to look up whether this is actually a reality or not...

Anyway, go take on the day, everyone! And watch out for one-eyed wonder cats...I hear they only have 4 and a half lives!
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