Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Today MIGHT be the day that we get ourselves a new kitty.

Notice, I said might. Might makes right, I suppose, but having enough money in your bank account makes a big difference, too, and until my bonus, like a ship, comes in, I don't have much to spend of this venture.

I haven't done this saw for a while, but saw it on a friend's journal, and thought I'd check out how my list has changed. The top ten isn't really a surprise to me at all--some things will always remain constant! Dreamy and Mouse have pretty much been around for so long that a week without talking to them would seem strange. Josie should be clear to anyone who's read me for more than a only big surprise is that mylifetake2 isn't a bit higher up in the list!

What's also fun to look, at, though, is the list of names of people who no longer are part of your circle of friends. Sometimes it makes you sad to see certain names and think, "I wish that person was still around"...other times, I just grin and think, "Thank god that train wreck's not in my life any more!" But more often, you miss having certain voices in your life. Maybe one of these days, I'll make a top five list...although carolinamoon would definitely top the list...

Have a great day, everyone...I'm going to breakfast with the whole big extended family...

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