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Odds and Sods, Chapter 1805

Last night, I received a statement from one of my credit cards. I've actually paid a little bit more than I had to about four months back, so that there's a small amount--about two dollars--that's actually being "credited" to my account. So, every time I receive the statement, there's a negative number (a credit) in the "amount owed" space.

Now, here's what I want to know: if you ever happen to be negative on your bank account, what do they do? Why, they assess a fee, of course. And if you happen to have an outstanding amount on a credit card, what do they do? They charge interest. Oh, and if you fail to send a payment, what else do you get, regardless of the outstanding amount? A late fee, right?

So, my question is: why aren't I charging this credit card company interest and a late fee for this outstanding amount? Let me tell you, if I owed them that amount, and hadn't paid anything since October, they would have my outstanding balance up to over $100 by now...


My dear friend conphie touched upon a similar issue this morning, and strangely enough, after I read her entry, Josie called this morning, about Tiger. We've been kind of concerned about him for some time now, but it looks like things are getting worse.

It's the whole Thumbkin thing. Ever since that night, Tiger's started to dwell and obsess about the people and animals in his life. Sleeping over Friday nights are tough for him, when he tries to get to sleep, because he thinks about what happened that Friday night--how much fun we had, only to come back home to discover Thumbkin dead--and the chaos the ensued.

He also told Josie that's he's been thinking about the death of my grandmother quite a bit, and how much he misses seeing her. And also, he worries terribly about the other animals--Prince, and Koko, and Ricky. To the best of my knowledge, though, he hasn't spent to much time thinking about the fate of his sister...

I joke about it, but it's serious. He was in tears last night. And I know that the death has affected Ashes, too. For some time, she has been afraid to stay in the apartment alone--say, if Corb or I need to go to the store to buy supper. She also keeps the bathroom door slightly open when she goes to the bathroom, and refuses to take a shower there. And she hates being alone in a room, even though the aprtment's small, and we're clearly just a few feet away.

Any advice? We've been thinking about getting a cat, and maybe now it's time--it's been three months. But part of me is scared that something similar will happen to our next cat, and I don't think I could bear that. I think we all need to move on from the grieving process, and start trying to heal.


Corb and I watched Daisy Does America last night. Corb loved it! I thought it was passably entertaining, but I have to admit, I loved imitating bits from the show after it was over. We spent about a half an hour doing some of her "how to catch a millionaire" moves on each other, and let me tell you, I was having trouble breathing, I was laughing so hard.

It was especially bad as we were brushing our teeth. I started it out by inserting the toothbrush in my mouth suggestively and then sort of bugging out my eyes, the way that Daisy did on her show. But Corb took it one step further by getting the toothpaste suds all over his face, and then letting them dribble down his mouth in a huge string. It may sound gross, but it had me on the floor!

I'm also still loving George Takei on Howard Stern. Every time I hear him I crack up. I really hope he sticks around after this week. The show is even better with him there!
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