Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Back to reality.

Back to work this morning. Ugh.

It was a wonderful vacation, however, and the trip to New York City was definitely a highlight. We stayed at the Marriott in Teaneck, which is about ten minutes away from the city, at most.

The first night, we hadn't purchased tickets to anything, but just walked around in the rain, and finally ended up going to see The Producers ...the movie, that is. After that, we ate at an Irish pub called Lanagan's, where the waitress treated us like shit because we didn't have an accent. We were the only ones in the restaurant besides four Irish guys, but she still managed to have an attitude. At one point, Corb complained about the fact that his soda was flat, and she just looked at him and said, "I'm afeared that's as good as it's gonna get."

In fact, attitudes were on display during the entire trip. When we were picking up our car that night, I asked the attendant where the nearest ATM was, and he just shrugged and said, "No idea."

At breakfast the next day, in New Jersey, I was conducting my favorite past time--listening in on table conversations, and I received what might be an explanation. "Look, in New Jersey, when you work, you don't need to worry about being either courteous or fast," said an older lady to her friend. "You just have to be. That's it." I think this attitude isn't isolated to New Jersey.

That afternoon, we spent most of our afternoon at the American Museum of Natural History. The biggest attraction there was the Darwin exhibit, which was packed. as I was walking through, I did hear one woman say, "I'm not going to look at much of this. I believe in the Bible, and I don't need any other theories about how man was created." Which made me wonder, why in the world she was in there to begin with.

That night, we had a great meal at Ruby Foo's (wonderful tea and lettuce wraps), and then went to see Avenue Q . We sat next to two lesbians who held hands throughout the show and in front of a recently committed couple. In fact, that spirit of openness, as usual, was wonderful to see.

That wasn't the case in Clinton, Connecticut, on the way up. We sat next to a young couple on their first date, at a Friendly's where the service staff resembled zombies out of Dawn of the Dead. The boy on the date spent a lot of time loudly declaiming the fact that, "Fags deserve what they get, because of the way that they act. And then they turn around and wonder why no one like's them." I felt like turning around and French kissing Corb on the spot.

Anyway, fun trip. But back now. And I've got a mess of work waiting for me this morning. One upside: a two day work week!
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