Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Next Revolution (Overview)

For those of you who have even attempted to make sense out of my eccentricities, perhaps I should explain: these past seven months or so, I've dividing my life up into chapters--at least, in my Live Journal.

Although it's really impossible to predict where your future lies (if I could do it, I'd have a lot more money than I have now, believe me), it is possible to observe spots where a "next chapter" seems to be a natural fit: either because an ending has occurred, or a journey is about to be undertaken, or a corner has been turned.

This really isn't much like a true novel, where (as I see it), the trick is, more often than not, to end the chapter with an eye toward getting the reader to turn the page and dive into the next one with breathless anticipation. Rather, I see these chapters as a means of a natural "ending"; that is, at a spot that forms a natural breathing spot in your life. Think of your life as a piece of music--with this being place where you take a breath, in order to draw in the necessary oxygen to move forward with the next few lines of your life's symphony.

I think that this next chapter will probably leave me a bit breathless, too. It's going to be a busy period, as I start the process of putting together my next play (and, if all goes as planned, my final one for some time). It will also set the stage for a period of transition in the months to follow, as I shift my focus in several areas, putting an end to some aspects, in order to focus on other areas that I've been interested in, but haven't quite been able to give my full attention to.

That may fewer LJ entries for a while. We'll see...I think I want to keep up some sort of "daily morning entry," which works for me as a way to get my creative motor running, to unload about the day before, and also, as a way to bullshit with some of my LJ buds throughout the day. It may mean, however, fewer fleshed-out least, for a while. The pictures will probably remain the same, particularly through the audition/rehearsal/production process that I'll be undertaking.

We'll see what these next six months bring! Will it be a revolution or an evolution? Only the Yellow Hiss knows...
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