Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Still three more days of vacation to go until I have to go back to work. Part of me feels guilty about the whole thing, and also, that they're going to fire my sorry ass once I return. That's perfectly ridiculous, of course, since I've earned this vacation time (and I'm not even really making a dent in the vacation time I have), and also, last week, I spent a lot of time looking after the kids, and these next few days are focused on traveling.

Yesterday, I was a total slugabed. When Josie dropped him off, she reported that Tiger has an ear infection, so he lay in bed all day, with a towel under his head, because not only was he drooling as he slept, his ear was leaking, all sorts of colors, too. So, we hung around in bed and played Pac-Man World 2. Also got to the end.

The rest of the day was spent plowing through one of my Christmas presents: a deluxe three disc set of the Wizard of Oz . I didn't even bother watching the movie, I just went straight to the second disc, which has deleted scenes and information on the making of the movie. That's the stuff that I find interesting. I mourne for the loss of The Jitterbug , and still hold out hope that somewhere, in some vault at MGM, there's a decent copy of it, just waiting to be discovered.

The New Year's Eve party was great fun, although Josie didn't like the games that we played much. She swears that this was the last party that she'll ever hold. We'll see what next year brings. The center of the party was, of course, our annual "Skanky Swap," where everything brings something tacky, or vile, or just something they've been looking to unload. We've done it for five years, and its something I always look forward to. Everyone seemed to like my present this time around, which was a copy of the book Wicked , only in the gateway cover, I inserted the following picture:

Who says old LJ entries don't come in handy? ;)
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