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I've got intelligent designs on you...

I’m quite pleased to read that the Pennsylvania courts have decided that inserting a discussion about intelligent design into a school’s science curriculum violated the constitutional separation of church and state. From reading about the actual trial, one had a sense that things would turn out the way they did, but it’s nice to see that the court’s supported what just plain makes sense. It’s also gratifying to see that the town of Dover ousted the school board members that were clearly intent on pursuing an agenda of promoting creationism and minimizing or calling into doubt—at all costs—the theory of Evolution.

See, here’s the thing: the subject is science—specifically, Biology. It’s not religious studies. I personally have no problem with offering religious studies as a curriculum item—in fact, as a kid, would have welcomed it (even if I always confused the difference between Catholism with Christianity until well into sixth grade…blaim it on a Roman Catholic upbringing). But seriously, having simply to answer “God did it” is a hell of a lot simpler than having to study all those confusing scientific theorems and Latin-based names for phylums and the like. I think I managed to squeak out a C in Biology…maybe. But ask me to bullshit—excuse me, I mean, pontificate, about the existence of God, and, touch of the poet that I have, you’ll get me talking all day long.

Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center in Ann Arbor, Mich., which represented the school district and describes its mission as defending the religious freedom of Christians, said the ruling appeared to be "an attack on scientists who happen to believe in God." Again, that’s deliberately confusing the issue. Again, the SUBJECT is science. A scientist’s personal belief system has absolutely nothing to do with the material being taught.

This all supports my faith in the fact that efforts by the religious right to curb freedom of thought and expression in this country are doomed to failure. The fact that one of the producers of Narnia is evangelical and wishes to bankroll proceeds from Narnia to finance future evangelical based projects matters to me not a whit. I’ve always agreed with the contention that everyone has the right to propagate and promote their personal opinions as they see fit in this country—and a religious dialogue is certainly an essential part of the equation, all aspects of it.

President Bush, of course, thinks intelligent design should be taught in Biology classes. This is the only time you’ll ever see me use the words “Bush” and “intelligent” in the same sentence.


Do you ever notice how your eye for fashion changes as time passes? About a year ago, I became convinced that having your T-shirt poke through your shirt in the front was a bad bad thing, and started wearing V-necks. But then, I started noticing more and more guys letting their T-shirt poke through the open neckline, and so I started ditching the Vs. Just now, I looked at myself and thought, “What were you thinking?”


Well, Elton John had his civil union. When he was married back in the eighties, during that improbable period many years ago, he walked down the aisle to the tune of “Kiss the Bride.” Today I’ve been whistling another Elton song that has a similar theme. He won’t use it—in fact, he probably forgot about it, long ago, but I would have suggested the following tune that he composed for this go-round. I always thought it was quite pretty—although certainly, it tells me that Bernie has a thing for thinking lustful thoughts as he watches pretty girls walk down the aisle.

Well she swept through the church
Like a sweet sunday prayer
While the choir sang son of heaven
And the groom just walked on air

I was killing time with Jesus
When the wedding bells began
And I saw the most beautiful woman
Getting married to a handsome man

And she walked like a mystery
And she passed like summer rain
And she said I do like an angel
But I never knew her name

Oh the congregation gathered
But in darkness I remained
In love with the bride of a handsome man
But I never knew her name

In the shadow of the holy
Oh I heard my tell-tale heart
Whisper words that never reached her
As her vows were made at last

Oh the preacher with his blessing
Pronounced them man and wife
And I saw the most beautiful woman
Make a promise to be kept for life
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