Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

The sands of Osiris

This week may be all about about finishing up that shopping list and mailing out those holiday cards...for some.

For das Corbster and myself, it's been all about the pyramids. Or one particular pyramid, as it turns out, as Ashes was assigned a major project on Egypt, due five days before Christmas.

Here's what I'm thinking, all through this: What kind of moron assigns a major project that parents have to get involved in during the week before Christmas? As if we don't have enough to take care of, what with finishing up that shopping list and mailing out those holiday cards...grrrr...

Sunday, while other people were fighting through the holiday rush at the stores, Corb and I were walking up and down the aisles of the nearest arts supplies store, searching for clay and paint and colored sand. As we weaved through the aisles, we passed other parents, being towed around by their children, "I want THIS color brown." "Should I make an obelisk?" "Anything you want, honey. This is your project."

We grinned at each other. We knew what was going on.

These past few days, the living room has been turned into an Egyptian jungle, with construction paper thrown all around, and plastic bags filled with supplies, and web page printouts to help us with the look and feel. Tiger watched the whole thing jealously, contenting himself with video games and Sponge Bob, but all the while a bit put out that he wasn't the center of attention.

I think the best part was that Corb and ashes worked so closely together. The minute I heard that the project was to build something Egyptian, I immediately breathed a sigh of relief. "Corb wanted to be an architect," I thought. And then, "Corb loves Egypt." Ha ha, free at last!

But I wasn't really free, of course. There was still quite a bit of research and writing that I was involved with. Still, it was nice, watching the two of them work on the poster board, watching Ashes drawing out the backdrop, watching Corb building the lego base that would hold the clay covering. Seeing them laugh together, have little side conversations.

Now, Ashes has to do one last job: the presentation. We rehearsed it over and over, last night and on the way to school. Is she smiling enough? Can you understand every word? Is it two minutes? I timed it out at just under two minutes today. Is that enough? I told her to toss in the names of a few pharoahs if she thinks it's running fast.

Josie helped with this leg of the journey, as I dropped off Ashes to the homestead this morning. The base of the pyramid was covered in a blue towel, but some of the gold sand still managed to spill out.

Josie eyed her brand new car warily. "You want me to put that in there?"

I just smiled sweetly and placed the project on Ash's lap. If it made a big mess, I could always give her a gift certificate to Scrub a Dub. Now was the time, after all, to finish up all those neglected presents and cards.
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