Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Frere Jacques

We shared a snapshot.

Walking through Boston Common,
Air freezng head bursting mouths moving
I nod you smile we talk no talk
People passing
Dizzying array of buildings and faces and cars
Wouldn't know my way back if I left a trail
Of breadcrumbs
A trail
Did I lose my way home?

We walk in, surrounded by shoes
Leather shoes no shoes looking for sneakers
Sneakers man, we got em back of the store
Look used to me, we seperate, I stare round
At the shopworn shabbiness
At the young black man with careful eyes
And I wonder if it shows
Like the jacket on my back
Am I wearing a sign
This is a tiger on the prowl
Another face I donned just for the occasion

You talk no talk
I sit in gray chair
Pretending to focus on poetry, bad poetry
Free verse tortured into submision
You say you'll make tea
Creep up behind me
Rub my scalp my neck my forehead
Press your head next to mine
Talk to me, you say, and I start babbling
Bable river stream of consciousness babble little confused man
Don't know what I'm saying but I'm saying
But your hands are moving
Smooth hands
Soft and hairless
Soft whispers
Soft caresses

In your room
In your bedroom
Make time I crave time I watch time
I come. I go. Look at the time.

You ask, When can I see you again?


Another snapshot, please.
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