Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Snow Day

This one was definitely inspired by a photo ruralrob posted yesterday...

Anyway, no, I didn't get a chance to visit Paris yesterday...but I'm still planning to! I did take a few pictures, however, as my world became a winter wonderland, starting around six yesterday morning.

And quickly. One moment, there are just a few flurries on the ground, the next thing I know, I'm driving down the highway (95, in my case) and everyone's moving in traffic as though they're 80-years old. The picture above was actually taken at work. We have a really beautiful grounds, built on an old farm, and much of it is still untamed.

The ride home was even worse. And some people just don't have any common sense whatsoever. Take this car, which I encountered on my way home:

This person was driving down the road at 15 miles an hour. Hmmm, is it any wonder? You can't see it too well, but their entire rear is covered in about two inces in snow, and they've allowed themselves maybe an inch of visibility through their rear view window. HOW IN THE HELL CAN ANYONE SEE THROUGH THAT? Well, they couldn't, which is why they were driving so slowly to begin with.

Ashes, by the way, was not happy that I was trying to take a picture of the people in front of me as we were driving. It's okay, though. The kids managed to get me back later on. Tiger collected all the stinky, dirty socks in the apartment and shoved them into one big dirty old smelly sock, and announced that he had created a stink bomb, which he then kept trying to whack us over the heads with. Then, he got into a contest with Ashes, where both of them had to see who could smell the stink bomb for the longest.

Where do they get these ideas? I blame Corb, personally... *grin*

Felt kind of "eh" last night. But then, I've always wrestled with getting down about things. What's good now is that rather than falling into the pity potty (which I honestly have no reason to do, frankly), I try not to dwell on the feelings and just keep moving on. Working. Playing. Enjoying what I've got, who I'm with. It's easy to fall into the dumps, and with little provocation. It takes more effort to train yourself to avoid the temptation of falling into the swamp, but I think I've finally mastered the technique.

Today is laundry day! And then, Corb and I are going to some sort of Christmas village with the kids, after I go watch Tiger play basketball.
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