Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Fresh Torso Fields Forever

I woke up at five in the morning. There are sound reasons for that: Corb worked an overnight tonight, so he went in for bed at around eight for a nap. I decided to lay next to him, and ended up falling asleep.

I did wake up around midnight and made the further mistake of cutting myself a slice of slice of strawberry shortcake. I ended up drinking two glasses of milk. It made my stomach all upset.

So, as a result, I woke up from the middle of a dream. In the dream, I'm living back at the homestead, only I just bought it, and the field that I spent years cutting down and turning into a lawn is wild and unplowed again. There's grass growing shoulder high, like wheat.

It's summer, and I decide to take the lawnmower out, to cut down the wild field. It cuts easily, but about three quarters through, I discover that someone has buried a blond man in the ground, so that his torso springs up, from the waist, out of the ground. He's almost like a mannequin (and didn't look anything like Corb), but I can tell he's more than simply plastic. His dead eyes stare out lifelessly across the lawn. I run to tell Josie, and learn that our next door neighbor planted the body in the ground about a year ago.

I can still feel the dream. You know how, sometimes, dreams linger with you? I can feel the warm summer day, the sweat bunching up around the back of my neck, the smell of the freshly cut grass. I can see the grin on my next neighbor's face as he realizes that I've discovered what he's done. He's not upset, just amused.

And, even stranger, I have a feeling that I've had this dream before! *shiver*
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