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I notice that the LJ reply function has been corrected...for the past few days, I've been receiving streams of emails to my Yahoo account, mostly replies that I did respond to, but a few that I didn't, and one that someone posted six months ago. Sorry about that, Billy...and they're still coming in...I just received two "new" ones just now. Well, I've always enjoyed leftovers...and there are some that are new to me...

Yesterday I received my first Christmas card--and from overseas, as that. Thanks gwendraith! It brightened up my day!

In the meantime, I have to say, I am totally loving the satellite radio that Corb bought for me as a birthday gift. I wanted it for one particular reason--Howard Stern--but I'm finding that I like so many of the other stations so much I might not be listening when he finally makes it onto the station. Just having so many more options is exciting to me. Last night, I got lost in a conversation about rumour mongering...or Beethoven suspected of dying from lead poisoning...or this airplane shooting in Florida. Anyway, it's seriously cuting into the time I spend on my cell phone on the highway, which might be a good thing.

On an unrelated note, I had an interesting conversation with a guy who's in a relationship that's similar to the one I have with Corb. He's been partnered for eight years, and his partner has two children. As with us, they elected to wait until the kids were mature enough to really handle things--in his case, they were around 14, and totally accepting, in part because this guy had been in their family for so long that it was no big deal.

More later. This will be an evolving post, I think.
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