Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

So, I did catch a lot of Bush's speech yesterday, where he was supposed to set down a "clear and comprehensive" plan for the future of Iraq.

Ummmm...I don't know...I guess I must gone out of the room at some point and missed the "clear and comprehensive" part of the speech...just sounded like the same old Bush droppings to me...

Anyway, tomorrow starts my "weekend in honor of my last four good days on earth." Ticker tape parades have been planned, ice statues will be sculpted, I'm getting the keys to several cities, there will be a firework display, and Madonna's even promised to dance around in her hideous pink leotards and wiggle her scrawny butt in my direction.

Oh, wait...we didn't have the budget for all that? Damn! Well, anyway, today will be my last day of work, for four days. The debauchery will start at eleven.
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