Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Psst...psst psst...I've got about a half an hour to write an entry while Tiger watches here goes nothing...

Clearly, this post will not be entirely poetic, but perhaps that's for the best. I was up until two last night, typing away on The Late Night Show . I've got three handwritten chapters stockpiled from the past week, and now all I need to do is to type them up. I'm on a roll and can actually see the end, far in the distance.

Thanksgiving day was one of connections. Corb stumbled in from an overnight shift at seven in the morning, and went right to work, baking. I dropped the kids off at around eleven and then returned home, but he was fast asleep. Around twelve thirty I started the process of trying to wake him up, and it wasn't easy. All told, we didn't see much of each other. He went to his brother's and yes, his mother was there. She was civil and said she didn't want to fight any more, and the whole Stormy thing wasn't even mentioned until the very end.

On my end, I was dealing with civility of another sort. I arrived at Josie's parents around 2:30, and the kitchen was crammed with food, even though they had already eaten. Josie's mother had the olives that I would kill for on the table, and five different kind of pies. Her father wasn't anywhere to be seen , but he came around, slowly. First, he walked into the room, and sat down next to me, but would only talk to Josie. Then, he would talk to me, but only in bits. He had almost come around by the end of the visit.

After that, the kids and I made our way to my parent's condo in Plymouth. This is their last holiday there, because they move into a huge house in two weeks. It's mom's first "new home," and she's all excited.

Dad was so proud of his new purchase. He was showing off pictures of the place. "Every room has a view of the pond," he said.

"Hey dad, when you show these off, you might want to black out the purchase price," I said, pointing to the $700,000 figure in the upper right hand corner.

"Oh, is that there?" he said, pleased with himself. "I didn't even realize it."

Anyway, it was a nice Thanksgiving, although the shadow of Nana was definitely felt. But Tommy's son Jack is about two now, and getting into everything, and I think we focused more on the fact that Kerrie and I had birthday's to celebrate, rather than focus on our first Thanksgiving without her. There was one instance where Mom burnt the rolls, and she groused, complaining about the fact that she had been trying to be so careful. "Mom's looking down, and laughing," she said. They always had a running battle about the rolls.

With my 40th birthday coming up, Tommy had a present for me: original demos of Brian Wilson's original material from Smile that he coped off the internet (it's not the stuff on the boxed set). He also mixed it up with stuf from Cameron Michael and the Wondermints and called it, "SMILE: You're Turning 40."

After supper, we drove back home, and decorated Josie's Christmas tree, just the four of us. It was a nostalgic feeling, and Ashes asked me to sleep over that night. I didn't, though. I had a guy to go back home to, and I was dying to see what went down with his mother.

Didn't find out, not that night. He was fast asleep when I got home.
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