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Izza Wunnerful Life

Today's the kind of day that I thrive on. Fast and furious, that's my best style nowadays. I have a huge presentation tomorrow before the Executive Group and had prepared to a certain extent, although not half as much as I needed to.

No problem. Woke up early, started to lay out the white paper, showered, took out the trash, kissed wifey on the way home from her overnight, drove to work, continued with paper, finished by noon, worked through lunch on a Winter Fire Safety campaign (national release plus individualized locals for agents (essentially a mail merge) plus two-page "How To," then back to presentation, reviewed with Joey, then reviewed Rob's three designs for the presentation (they're much better than his initial sketches), then developed PowerPoint to accompany paper and other visual aids, reviewed with Joe for final okay, drove to Crowne Plaza to take photos of a reception honouring volunteers and snarf down a few finger foods, skipped out after half an hour to meet Pauline and Bob who were treating me to see Die Another Day, arrived there exactly at 6:30, lost a bit of the flick while I was purchasing popcorn, essentially missing that old opening Bond thang where Pierce is seen through the lens of a rifle, enjoyed the movie, drove home to find...

YEAH! Christmas lights in the bedroom, and Josie in bed with a silly smile on her face. Oh, I just get all smooshie inside with the Christmas lights on. Josie, you are truly fair! Very happy man!!!

PS: Is it me, or does anyone out there find my writing style EXTREMELY schizophrenic?)

Double Piss: I love the fact that the only words my Spellcheck picked up as misspellings are silly ones I made up--JUST CUZ I CAN!
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