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Today's episode of "NoCompromises" is brought to you by...

This moose's heavy, pendulous balls. Man, you don't find craftsmanship like that any more, do you? Just think of the hours that some guy spent, lovingly carving out this scrotum--even taking the time to carve out veins! And look, who would have thought that, just like human guys, moose guys have one nut that's bigger than the other, about learning something new every day...

Anyway, here's today's latest Stormy update: Corb's mom called him today, acting sweet as pie, and asking whether he'd consider going in half to keep Stormy at Joannie's. She also said that she thinks she has someone interested in taking in Stormy for good. For Corb's part, he's disgusted with her, and maybe if they had had this conversation four days ago, he'd be calling her back with an offer to help.

This afternoon I'm going to spend writing. I just spent the last half an hour listening to Push Barman to Open Wounds, so I've got "They let Lisa go blind" running through my head.

But I really want to focus on a room in Late Night that I've never entered before. I need to picture it before I can write about it...the funny thing is, while it's an important scene to write, but not a pivital scene...and yet...there you are, I'm blocked, and need to see this room in my head before I can move on...

Tonight we travel to Boston, to check out a comedy show and spent the night in a hotel in Quincy. And tomorrow...well, Corb wants to go looking for a kitten...he says it's nice having the pitter patter of little feet around...

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