Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

Quick Stormy update: The best advice, it turns out, that Corb received today, was from his friend Joannie, who owns a beautiful farm and takes care of animals for a living. Corb and I attended her wedding to her longtime partner last summer.

Knowing Corb's mom as she does, she advised: "Just call her bluff. Tell her she can go ahead and put Stormy down. But she has to do it all by herself."

Sure enough, this afternoon, Corb's mom called Joannie, asking her to take Stormy in for a few days.

"I'm doing it," Joannie told Corb, "But I'm charging her. For you, I was going to do it for free!"

So, Stormy has a few days reprieve. I just hope this nonsense ends soon.
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