Snapshots from Green Victoria (tedwords) wrote,
Snapshots from Green Victoria

We have a temporary new addition to the household--Annie's cat Fred (who's a girl; it's one of Annie's fits of whimsy), a very small, very noisy, very nosy Calico cat. It's a nice addition, and the kids seem to like having her around. Fred is a flood survivor--well, not in the way you're thinking, but during the recent floods around here, Annie woke up to find her basement apartment waist high in water, and Fred's been homeless until Annie can get back in.

But, it's only temprary. Friday we head out for Niagara Falls, and Annie will reclaim her kitty. Everyone's looking forward to the trip, and thankfully, the rental car will have a DVD player, so we'll pack plenty of pillows and blankets, and flicks, and hopefully, we'll get through the nine hour trip intact.

Which means, I've got a ton of work to take care of before I leave. Laundry, and bills, and work stuff. It's a good thing my boss is gone until Thursday. Yesterday I should have gotten a lot of writing done, but I had to attend a conference in Framingham, which took up the whole day.

Speak of writing, nothing at all creative yesterday, except, perhaps for a headline I put together for a story about an attorney whose home was destroyed in New Orleans during Katrina, and has relocated and is studying for the bar in Hartford, CT. I decided to give a nod to Mark Twain and call it "A Katrina Survivor in Connecticut's Court."
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