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Josie and I took the kids to The Big Apple today. And no, not the one that some people think forms the center of the universe.

Josie always gets so worried about outings like this, because she's afraid that the kids might get the wrong message. But really, they just enjoyed us all being together, and their only one complaint was "Where's Corb?"

Going to the Big Apple has always been something of a family tradition, and so, it was nice not to spoil things this year. Usually we go before Halloween, when there are still goblins and witches about, and the farmhouse is still packed. But actually, this time around, it was sort of nice, to see the place when it's actually not filled to the gills with customers.

Corb, as it turns out, worked this morning, but his presence was still felt, particularly when we went to breakfast. The kids are all excited about our upcoming trip to Niagara Falls, which starts this Friday, and all they could talk about was what they were going to be doing and how many days they were going to have off from school (it turns out, only one, and not even really that, because it's a holiday.)

There was a bit of a chill in the air, and it was downcast, and it was also clear that the place will be closing down, any week now. With the cold weather, I wonder if our trip to Niagara will be totally chilly, but somehow, I still think we'll find ways to entertain ourselves. Still, the fall weather made me happy to be alive and I loved the crunch of leaves beneath my feet.

As it turns out, it's very difficult taking photos of the apples on the conveyer belts with my camera, because of the fact that the apples roll around. There was also a great toy train track that surrounds the apple equipment, but that was difficult to capture, too, because everything came out look as blurry and unfocused as I feel when I wake up in the morning.

I think that Josie looks beautiful in that last photo, although she complained about her nose, when she saw it. I think it's a great nose, personally. In any event, we picked up a fresh apple crisp from the Big Apple, and I think it's going to go great with dinner, which is chicken and stuffing, home cooked by the Corbster. I promised Corb that I'd have the stuffing ready by the time that he comes home from work.

Right now, Ashes is resting on the couch, reading out loud, which helps her move along faster with the 400 page book that's due, tomorrow morning at school. Tiger has his nose planted in a game boy, as usual, and keeps asking, every five minutes, where Corb is. Josie left us about an hour ago, to visit her mom and dad, and tonight I go out with Annie to see Chicken Little .

I'm certain that this all sounds perfectly mundane, but I really do think that there's a certain beauty in the mundane. I recall once that my sister (the one I dislike) came home one time with her partner, and had supper that evening with us. As we were eating, she turned to Jennifer and said, almost incredulously, "They do this every night!"

Even with so much changed in our lives, there's still a great deal that, at it's apple core, hasn't changed. And, you know what? I like it that way.

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